What is 3D protection ?

3D protection is a fancy word that means full coverage or edge to edge protection. When a screen protector offers 3D protection, you can rest assured that even the corners of your device will remain scratch free.

What is 2D protection ?

2D protection is a little bit different from the 3D one, the difference is not in the composition however, both Casecentive 2D and 3D screen protectors are made out of tempered glass and / or privacy filter. The main difference is that 2D does not cover the corners of your screen ! In other words, it is not edge to edge.

Why should you choose tempered glass screen protectors ?

Screen protectors that are made out of tempered glass usually last a lot longer than the ones made with plastic. This is mainly because the tempered glass composition is stronger than plastic. “Tempered” means that the glass has been treated chemically to become more resistant. It’s not a complicated procedure yet it offers 9H hardness.

Hmm..what about 9H hardness ?

All Casecentive glass screen protectors have a 9H hardness and it refers to the Moh scale of mineral hardness. Normal glass is usually around 5H but our screen protectors are around 9H. By the way here’s a fun fact, diamonds are 10H.