iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

3D screen protector for iPhone. A tempered glass that covers the corners of your phone from edge to edge thus preventing scratches from the sides.


✓  Full cover

9H Hardness

SpyProof Screen protector for iPhone with Privacy filter

In addition to normal screen protectors, you can get the anti-spy version with a privacy filter, a dark material seamlessly blending with your tempered glass, preventing people around you from looking at what you’re doing.

✓  Protection Of Privacy

✓  No Sneaking Or Peaking 

Easy to install

In only a few steps, you can place the screen protector perfectly :

    ✓  Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol wipe, the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker

   ✓  Step 2: Remove the plastic layer from the screen protector

   ✓  Step 3: Align the screen protector ( with the alignment support)

   ✓  Step 4: Press on your screen with your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles and voilà !

Why should you get a 3D screen protector with privacy filter ?

In addition to 3D protection from edge to edge, a seamless layer of dark material that bends the light coming from your screen in a way that only you can see it. People around you will no longer be able to peak at your phone or find out what you’re doing in it. Perfect for protecting your privacy.

Does a screen protector with privacy filter make my screen darker or dimmer ?

Casecentive 3D screen protectors do not make your screen darker, instead it bends the light coming form your screen in a way that doesn’t expose it to people around you. The screen remains perfectly visible for you, just not other people. The dark material isn’t actually dark, just light bending.