Microsoft Surface Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protects your screen from scratches and finger prints, as well as oily substances. With a 9H hardness on the Moh scale, our tempered glass is almost as strong as a diamond.


9H hardness

Scratch resistant

How to install the Microsoft Surface Screen Protector ?

In only a few steps, you can place the screen protector perfectly :

    ✓  Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol wipe, the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker

   ✓  Step 2: Remove the plastic layer from the screen protector

   ✓  Step 4: Press on your screen with your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles and voilà !

Surface Pro screen protector

Microsoft Surface Pro have long been forgotten by many screen protector designers, well not for long ! Here at Casecentive we try to be as inclusive as possible by developing products that fit all cases, for that we have created 2D screen protectors for Microsoft Surface tablets.

Will my screen protector fit with my tablet case ?

2D screen protectors for microsoft surface do not prevent you from using protection cases, they fit perfectly with every case you want to use. As opposed to 3D screen protectors, they are not edge to edge or full cover.