Galaxy Tab Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protège votre écran contre les rayures et les empreintes, ainsi que contre les substances huileuses. Avec une dureté de 9H sur l’échelle de Moh, notre verre trempé est presque aussi solide qu’un diamant.


9H hardness

Scratch resistant

How to install the iPad Screen Protector ?

In only a few steps, you can place the screen protector perfectly ?

    ✓ Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol wipe, the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker

   ✓ Step 2: Remove the plastic layer from the screen protector

   ✓ Step 3: Press on your screen with your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles and voilà !

Why do I have to use a screen protector for Galaxy Tab ?

A screen protector for Galaxy Tab is the best way to make sure your device will last long. Another reason as to why you NEED a screen protector is when kids use your tablet, there is a 60% chance that it might fall, if you combine your Galaxy Tab with a screen protector and our Kidsproof Cases, you will have the ultimate formula.

Add an iPad case for optimal protection

Casecentive products are practical for optimising your workplace. We spend so many hours on our tablets every day, that’s why it’s important that you have the right accessories. For optimal use, Casecentive has developed several solutions. Besides our screen protectors, you can get cases for your Galaxy Tab .

What does oleophobic mean ?

Oleophoby means that it’s oil repellent and prevents oily finger prints and greasy substances from sticking to the screen. This is quite useful especially in these times of Corona crisis. It is crucial to have a clean phone to avoid infections and the spread of covid19.

InvisibleShield and Casecentive Screen protection

An InvisibleShield is a screen protector that goes unnoticed when placed on your screen ! Our Casecentive 2D screen protectors are all InvisibleShields, your screen remains intact and undisturbed. Also, when placing a Galaxy Tab in one of our Casecentive cases, you ensure 100% protection for your iPad !