iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector

3D screen protector for iPhone. A tempered glass that covers the corners of your phone from edge to edge thus preventing scratches from the sides.


✓  Full cover

✓  9H Hardness

How to install an iPhone Screen protector ?

In only a few steps, you can place the screen protector perfectly :

    ✓  Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol wipe, the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker

   ✓  Step 2: Remove the plastic layer from the screen protector

   ✓  Step 3: Align the screen protector ( with the alignment support)

   ✓  Step 4: Press on your screen with your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles and voilà !

Why should you get 3D screen protector ?

3D protection is a fancy word that means full coverage or edge to edge protection. When a screen protector offers 3D protection, you can rest assured that even the corners of your device will remain scratch free.

For which iPhone models are the 3D screen protectors available ?

Casecentive 3D Screen protectors are available for the following iPhones :

iPhone XS Max – iPhone XR – iPhone X / XS – iPhone 7 / 8 Plus – iPhone 7 / 8 -iPhone SE 2020 – iPhone 11 Pro Max – iPhone 11 Pro – iPhone 11

InvisibleShield screen protector ?

An InvisibleShield is a screen protector that goes unnoticed when placed on your screen ! Our Casecentive 3D screen protectors are all InvisibleShields, your screen remains intact and undisturbed. Also, when placing an iPhone in one of our Casecentive cases, you ensure 100% protection for your iPhone !

3D screen protectors vs 2D screen protectors

Both the screen protectors have amazing durability and hardness, same tempered glass composition but different range of protection. for 3D screen protectors, you get full cover edge to edge protection but for 2D screen protectors you get standard but optimal protection that is case friendly.