2D Screen Protector for iPhone

2D protection also available ! This version is different from the Edge To Edge 3D one, it blends perfectly with your screen and is super case friendly.

  Case friendly


  Finger prints proof

How to install an iPhone screen protector ?

In only a few steps, you can place the screen protector perfectly :

    ✓  Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol wipe, the microfiber cloth and the dust removal sticker

   ✓  Step 2: Remove the plastic layer from the screen protector

   ✓  Step 3: Press on your screen with your fingers to get rid of the air bubbles and voilà !

The Package Includes

✓  Microfiber Cloth

✓  Alcohol Wipe 

✓  Dust Removal Sticker

Best way to protect your iPhone

It is well known that iPhone screens are not the best when it comes to resisting drops. Sometimes it just falls from your bed to laminated floors and it just cracks. Call it luck maybe, who knows ? With Casecentive this will for sure not happen as our screen protectors are all tempered glass with 9H hardness on the Moh scale, almost as hard as a diamond.

Should you get a 3D screen protector or a 2D one ?

3D Screen protectors are full cover which means that they protect your screen from edge to edge, now this is great especially if you have a wide screen. But some phone cases are not compatible with it. The 2D screen protector however, does not cover your phone from edge to edge making it super case friendly !

What makes Casecentive the best screen protector for you ?

In addition to having both 2D and 3D screen protectors available for iPhone, Casecentive tempered glass is a unique formula. Three layers of protection in one InvisibleShield, 9H hardness, anti-scratch, case friendly and shockproof, privacy filter to protect your data and more !

Can Casecentive screen protector be used with Ultimate cases ?

Casecentive Ultimate Cases for iPhone already have an integrated screen protector in them. This means that you do not need to put a Casecentive screen protector on your phone as your ultimate case would not fit or squeeze your screen too much. We recommend you use them separately.