Is Wahoo Elemnt Bolt compatible with Strava ?

Strava is one of the largest online social cycling platform. Once permitted ELEMNT integrates fully with Strava Live Segments and routes which sync automatically over wifi. You wont miss a segment anymore! Get notified when they are close up to you, track your progress against others or yourself !

Is Wahoo Elemnt Bolt waterproof ?

To a certain extent, yes. The wahoo Elemnt bolt is waterproof, however it’s not invincible in water. Wahoo Elemnt bolt can’t be underwater for longer than 30 minutes and no deeper than 1m. It is not a product made for swimmers, it’s supposed to resist RAIN and similar weather conditions.

Is Wahoo Elemnt Bolt compatible with Garmin sensors ?

Wahoo is fully compatible with any healthcare gadgets and fitness devices that comply with ANT+ standards like power meters,  foot pods, scales, cadence monitors etc. This includes Garmin sensors.

Will the Wahoo Elemnt work with my Garmin mount ?

The Wahoo Element will not work with your Garmin mount. However Casecentive has developed a range of mounts that perfectly fit your wahoo bike computer. By working closely with wahoo products and testing them, we managed to create two mounts : Stem, Aerodynamic and a universal chest strap.