Protect your Bike Computer Wahoo ROAM

The Wahoo Element Roam is your best friend when cycling or mountain biking. Using a Casecentive case to protect it will prove to be the best way for your bike computer to last as long as you need. 

Wahoo Elemnt Roam screen protector

A nice readable Wahoo Elment ROAM Bike Computer screen is crucial for easy to access to data WHERE you want it and WHEN you want it. By using a Casecentive case with integrated screen protector, you guarantee that all data is clear to see.

What is Wahoo Elemnt Roam Used for ?

The Wahoo Elemnt Bike computer is a cyclometer that you mount on your bike to calculate and display trip information for performance enhancing. It is like a mini dashboard that you take everywhere with you with easy access to important data such as GPS position and Speed.

Can you use Wahoo Roam for mountain biking ?

Wahoo Elemnt ROAM has proven to be more customisable and mountain biking friendly than ever. This technical bike computer is easily compatible with Strava and many other platforms. You can import maps and tracks prior to your cycling session, all your data remain accessible and easy to see even under strong sun light.