Wahoo Elemnt mount for Aerodynamic bikes

Aerodynamic bike” is a type of road bike that uses aerodynamics principles in its operation. The bike’s geometrical makeup allows the hands and body position of the rider to change given the terrain, rider’s preference, and race situation, it’s only fair that we make a mount compatible with this type of bikes.

Stem Mount for DJI Action Cam and GOPro

This Casecentive mount offers you the possibility to place an action camera such as GOPro or DJI Action Cam. Capture your best moments and make memories with your friends or simply mount a lamp on it to light the way during those cycling nights. 

Stable, Solid, Strong. It's what we do.

Made with strong aluminum, this Casecentive Aerodynamic Wahoo Mount is for sure the best add on you can get for your Wahoo bike computer. Combine it with our silicone cases and you have the secret formula to bike computer invincibility. 

Gopro and DJI action cam mount !

You can use the Stem mount to place your GoPro as well as any action cam you have. Both action cam and Wahoo Elemnt BOLT & ROAM can placed on the mount at the same time so you can record and analyse your data. You can also place a lamp on the stem mount if you like, however a lamp AND an action cam cannot be placed together.

Why is an aerodynamic Wahoo Elemnt mount important ?

The aerodynamic mount for Wahoo Elemnt is made for aerodynamic handlebars. This tool cannot be used with normal bike handlebars at the sizes, thickness and design of the bike is different. This is do to its geometrical design that takes into consideration the wind aerodynamic principles in its operation.