Universal chest strap for Wahoo TICKR / 4iiii / Garmin / Polar

Heart monitors such as Wahoo Tickr, 4iiii Viiiiva HRM and Garmin are great sports gadgets to help you enhance your performances while running. This cannot be used properly without a comfortable chest strap.

Elastic Universal Chest Strap with electrodes

The Casecentive chest strap is made with an elastic material, which allows it to be stretched to need. Thanks to its elastic design, this chest strap is suitable for any chest size. The two electrodes inside the band prevent problems with other equipment and ensure the most accurate heart rate measurement.

Stable, Solid, Strong. It's what we do.

Made with stretchable elastic material, this Casecentive strap is for sure the best add on you can get for your Wahoo Tickr, 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate monitor, Garmin and Polar ! 

The best heart monitors : Wahoo Tickr

TICKR heart rate monitors are known for their comfort and convenience, even during the most intense workouts. The new, integrated chest strap and slim design makes TICKR and TICKR X easy to use and secure, while the advanced performance material of the TICKR FIT is designed to fit snugly around your arm.

4iiii viiiiva Heart Monitor with ANT+

Viiiiva is not just one of the world’s best heart rate monitors. It also acts as an ANT+ bridge and data recorder, allowing you to record from ANT+-only fitness devices, pass their data through to a Bluetooth-only device, or even leave your phone, watch or head unit at home.