iPad case with a built-in screen protector and three layer protection

Built from 3 different layers of protection to maximize the protection of your iPad. Shock-resistant components make it nearly impossible to break your iPad’s screen.

iPad case with stand and Apple Pen holder

A solid design, with a perfect fit, designed to withstand shocks and fall damages. On the side is a handy attachment that also allows the iPad to stand. Place your Apple Pen on the back of the case on the Apple Pen holder, and you’re ready to work.

Available for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Ultimate hardcases are available for Apple iPads air/pro/mini for the 2017 and 2018 models. They are also available for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. Order them inexpensively at one of our points of sale.

Apple iPad 5 / 6

Apple iPad 5 (iPad 2017)

Apple iPad 6 (iPad 2018)

Apple iPad Air

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Apple iPad Air 10.5 (2019)

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Apple iPad Mini

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Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

Galaxy Tab S5E 10.5

Protective three layer system iPad Case

The 3-layer system ensures maximum protection of your device. With the Ultimate Hardcase, nothing can happen to your tablet. The rubber outside the case provides a fine grip and the hard inside fixes the smartphone or tablet firmly in the case. The built-in screen protector also protects the screen from damage. Designed to the highest military standards!

Strong iPad cover

Casecentive Ultimate Survivor cases not only provides the best protection, but also focus on user convenience. These tablet cases come with a removable stand, to the tablet both horizontally and vertically to use. This is ideal for working with the tablet, watching your favorite netflix series, photos and videos.

iPad case with a screen protector

Thanks to the built-in screen protector made of transparent plastic, your entire tablet is protected, including the most vulnerable part of the tablet, the multi touch display. Because the screen protector is very thin, you can continue to use all functions of your device without being affected by the case. When installing the tablet case apply the screen protector and your screen is fully protected.

Which iPad Case is best for protection ?

The best protection for your iPad isn’t necessarily expensive or hard to find. All you need is an iPad case that is rugged and fits your daily use. For example, if you use your tablet at work like engineers or doctors, a simple iPad case might not be for you, however, an iPad case with a hand strap or a shoulder strap will definitely be your best friend. it’ all about what you would like to have.

What iPad case do I need?

The choice for a good tablet or iPad protection case mainly depends on the environment in which the tablet is used. Professional use of a tablet in the hospitality industry, on the construction site or in any other outdoor environment requires a sturdy case that can take in a lot of impact. Handstrap cases with a handle on the back provide a firm grip and reduce the risk of falling. When the tablet is mainly used in the office, an elegant leather iPad case with a stand is suitable. And especially for education, even children’s tablet cases have been developed so that tablets are safe even in children’s hands.

How does an iPad case work?

The Ultimate Cases for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are the perfect protective case when the tablet needs to be protected against bumps and drops. The robust 3-layer protective system of the case for iPad and tablet must be fitted correctly to provide the devices with optimal protection. The rubber back and plastic inside should be leveled so that the tablet sits securely. The built-in screen protector can then be attached and clicked into place. The shockproof components are perfectly secured and protect the tablet from shock and drop damage under all circumstances.