Colourful iPad case for kids

A child-friendly tablet sleeve for the iPad air and iPad pro is now available. With a convenient handle and sturdy material, your tablet will no longer be in danger. Even if a 3 year old is running with it everywhere.

Kid Proof iPad Case

Casecentive kid proof cases are child-friendly covers because they are completely shockproof. The covers protect against fall damage, scratches and other shocks. No more fear of running or over excitement !

iPad case with a handle

The kid proof iPad case has a comfortable handle, so you or your kids can easily carry your tablet at all times. A handy solution for when your kids are running so they can show you their latest achievement in Candy crush !

Kid proof iPad case

Let children play with the iPad without worries with this optimal protective case. The case is fully protective, in any situation even when falling or bumping. The foam cover offers a shock-absorbing effect and a nice design. This robust cover is therefore an optimal protection when the iPad is used by children in education or at home. Protect the iPad with this kids proof case and don’t worry anymore if the kids start playing with the iPad!

Protective iPad case for kids

This iPad case from Casecentive has been developed in such a way that in terms of design and functionality it is perfectly suited for use by children. The wide handle and the sturdy material are ideal for use by children. They can easily transport the tablet with the large handle without the danger of the tablet falling out of small children’s hands. In this way, the iPad is fully protected against fall damage, scratches and other shocks.

iPad case for children, with a handgrip

Kidsproof children’s iPad cases are equipped with a large handle that makes the case comfortable and easy for children to hold. The handle not only makes it easy to carry the iPad, but also serves as a stand. The iPad can be placed horizontally or vertically using this stand. With the iPad, children can play educational games, watch movies and learn to read, and the child-friendly cases make this learning experience even more enjoyable.

Kid-friendly design

The design of the Casecentive children’s cover makes every kid happy! The bright colors and the round finished design give the cover a child-friendly look. The protective covers are currently available in bright blue and bright pink. This cute look makes kids even more excited to use the iPad and learn with more fun. The little studs on the back of the iPad sleeve are a nice detail and give the kids more grip while using the iPad.

What iPad case do I need?

The choice for a good tablet or iPad case mainly depends on the environment in which the tablet is used. If the iPad is mostly used for working, writing texts or watching videos, an elegant, leather iPad case is the perfect solution. The use of a tablet in the hospitality industry, on the construction site or in any other outdoor environment requires a sturdy case that can take a lot. The Casecentive Handstrap Cases with a handle on the back and the Ultimate Cases provide a firm grip and reduce the risk of falling. And especially for education, there are even children’s tablet cases developed so that tablets are also safe in the hands of children.

iPad Mini and iPad 9.7

The Casecentive Kidproof Cases are available for different iPad models. The iPad mini 4 /5 fits perfectly in the child cases and offers the best protection for the expensive devices. Also, for the iPad 9.7 (2017 / 2018) a suitable model is available. Unfortunately, there are no Samsung Galaxy Tab cases available at the moment. Discover and order the iPad children’s cases at one of our points of sale.