iPad case with hand strap

With a hand strap on the back of your case, you can easily hold your tablet with one hand. Casecentive also has a shoulder strap, which makes it even easier to carry your tablet with you at all times.

360° degree rotating iPad case

The grip on the back of the case allows 360° rotation. This allows you to position your tablet in almost any way and allows to easily and comfortably carry your tablet with you.

iPad case with Apple Pen holder

Keep your Apple Pen up close with our iPad cases, the pen holder offers easy access to it. Ideal case for designers, content creators and even architects.

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Apple iPad 5 (iPad 2017)

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iPad case with hand strap

Protective covers for your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab should ideally meet your requirements. Casecentive’s multifunctional case design ensures that your tablet is always protected in practically all usage situations. Certain work environments call for Casecentive. Think of construction, or hospitality, where devices are used a lot and need to be both easy to use and protective. With Casecentive you can fully concentrate on your work and no longer have to worry about your devices.

Best iPad case for medical professionals

In the hospitality industry, education or similar work environments, many processes go digital with tablets. Employees are constantly on the move with tablets and it would be a shame if they were to break down in the event of a fall. Casecentive is the solution! With the handy grip of Casecentive’s Handstrap cases you avoid damage and can work efficiently with tablets.

Which iPad case do I need?

The choice of a good protective cover for an iPad or Galaxy Tab mainly depends on the situation in which the tablet is used. The professional use of a tablet in hotels, construction sites or any other outdoor environment requires a robust protection that can take a lot. Covers with a rotating hand strap provide a firm grip and reduce the risk of a fall. If the tablet is only used in the office, an elegant leather iPad case is suitable.

Ultimate iPad case vs iPad case with hand strap

The advantage of the Ultimate cases is the three-layer protection of your device with an integrated screen protector. However, these cases offer a less firm grip than cases with a handstrap. To choose the right model, it is therefore very important to know in which environment the tablet will be used.