Thin Samsung Galaxy case

Thin protection for the back of your Samsung Galaxy against drops and scratches. Casecentive back cases also provide extra grip and functionality. Also available for iPhone.

Clear iPhone case

Hard cases made of hard rubber, resistant to fall damage, scratches and impacts. Looking for a strong case with a nice design? Then Casecentive hard cases are for you!

Wallet back cases for iPhone

Some backcases also have extra storage, such as Casecentive’s leather backcase. Radiates quality and design with the ease to store cards.

Backcases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Casecentive has designed a series of backcases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy that combine design and protection. Backcases protect the back and edges of the smartphone and ensure that it is resistant to fall damage, scratches and impacts. The series offer a wide choice of different designs, shapes and colours. The cases are extra thin, lightweight and the finish is made for a good grip experience.

Silicone iPhone case

The soft silicone back cases guarantee good protection against falls and impacts without altering the design of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The back of the smartphone is protected against fall damage and also provides extra grip. This makes using the smartphone even more enjoyable. The thin design of the smartphone case fits the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy perfectly.

Wallet case for iPhone

The Leather Wallet Cases offer an elegant and multifunctional solution for customers who want to provide their smartphone with reliable protection and also value a chic design. The cases are made of high quality PU leather for an elegant look. The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy protective case has a stylish look and offers the possibility to store cards on the back – the perfect combination of design and functionality!

Solid hardcases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Casecentive’s sturdy Clear Hardcases do everything in their power not to shield the beautiful design of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The hard rubber is resistant to drops and bumps and the raised edges ensure that the screen remains scratch-free. In addition, the cut-outs on the bottom of the case ensure that the connections and speakers remain accessible. It also ensures that the design of your smartphone is not hidden or altered.

Which iPhone case is best?

The choice for a good iPhone or Samsung Galaxy protective case mainly depends on the environment in which the smartphone is used. Professional use of a smartphone in the hospitality industry, at the construction site or in any other outdoor environment requires a sturdy case that can resist to anything. The Ultimate Hardcases for the iPhone and iPod are ideal in this case. When the smartphone is mainly used during leisure time or in the office, an elegant Wallet Case is suitable.

iPhone case front and back protection

The Backcases provide the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models with thin but effective protection. These cases lie comfortably in the hand and are easy to use. However, in some situations it can also be useful to provide extra protection for the smartphone’s screen. This is possible with the 3-layer protection of the Ultimate Cases or with the elegant Folio cases of Casecentive. Get an impression of all our models or place orders at one of our associated selling points.