Ultimate Hard case for iPhone and iPod

An iPod touch Ultimate hardcase is an incredibly good solution for companies in the hospitality or healthcare sector. Designed to protect against drop damage and splashing water. Comes with clip for easy access wherever and whenever.

360° Protective iPhone Case

Your iPhone or iPod is protected by a shock-absorbing armor. The front is also protected by the built-in screen protector, which prevents scratches and is partially waterproof.

Modern case for iPhone and iPod

Top protection on both sides with a clean design for various iPhones. Order Ultimate hard cases from Casecentive and keep your iPhone up close.


iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

iPhone X / XS

iPod Touch

iPod Touch 5

iPod Touch 6

Rugged protection for iPhone and iPod

The Ultimate Smartphone Cases are the perfect protective case for your iPhone, iPod or Samsung Galaxy. The case’s rugged 3-layer protection system ensures optimal protection. The rubber back and the plastic inside are designed in such way that the smartphone sits securely. The shockproof components are perfectly secured and protect the smartphone under all circumstances.

Protective case with 3 layer system

The 3-layer system ensures maximum protection of your device. With the Ultimate Hardcase, nothing can happen to your smartphone. The rubber exterior of the case provides a fine grip and the hard interior fixes the smartphone firmly in the case. The built-in screen protector also protects the screen. Designed to the highest military standards!

Case with screen protector for iPhone and iPod

Thanks to the built-in screen protector, the entire smartphone is protected. Including the most vulnerable part, the multi touch display. Because the screen protector is very thin, you can continue to use your device without being bothered by the case. When installing the smartphone case, you apply the screen protector and your screen is fully protected.

Easy access to ports and buttons

All ports and buttons on the iPhone, iPod and Samsung Galaxy are covered thanks to the Ultimate Survivor to prevent dirt and dust from damaging it. By opening the covers, you can access the connection points such as the dock connector, headset jack, mute switch and volume button.

Which iPhone case is the best?

This depends on the situation in which the iPhone, iPod or Samsung Galaxy is used. Professional use of a smartphone in the hospitality industry, on the construction site or in any other outdoor environment requires a sturdy case that can take a beating and offers extra protection at the vulnerable spots, such as the corners. When the smartphone is mainly used in leisure or in the office, a simple Backcase or an elegant Wallet Case is suitable.

iPhone and iPod case for extreme conditions

Extreme situations require extreme protection. With Casecentive’s Ultimate Smartphone Hardcase you can provide your smartphone or iPod with the ultimate protection. Smartphones are increasingly used in the hospitality, construction or other outdoor environments and this Casecentive model is the right choice for these situations. View and order all models at one of our resellers.