Using tablets in shops & retail stores

Not long ago it was unusual for many businesses to have an e-commerce website. Times have now changed drastically to including technology and optimise every process in-store and off-line. Tablets are facilitators to the main processes and daily tasks of stores owners and managers.

Make your tablet a companion

Casecentive improves the bond between user and tablet by offering protective cases to not only secure your device, but facilitate access to important data and overall usage.

Casecentive's solutions

Casecentive cases are incredibly strong and offer ultimate protection for your tablet. A system of three layers makes our cases shockproof, easy to install and literally in-handy, hence the Hand-strap and Shoulder-strap add-ons. 

Brand specific tablet cases?

Brand recognition and awareness is important for every business. Making sure your business is present off-line can have a huge impact on your brand, for that, Casecentive suggest to personnalise your case with your logo.

Using tablets to increase sales

Easy to use and to install in points of sale, tablets are the ideal tool to display the product catalog. They can also be used to display the website or the stock list in order to offer the customer the possibility to buy another product (available in store) instead, or to order the product online. In this case, using tablets allows to increase sales and to increase the average order value.

Using tablets as digital support in a shop or retail store

The advantage of tablets is that they fit perfectly for a targeted, personalized and effective communication. It is thus possible to broadcast a communication on the product in question. You can broadcast videos, display promotions related to the product or highlight complementary products. Any type of content can be broadcast: photos, videos, advertising clips, texts.

Tablets improve sales strategies

With the ROPO phenomenon, Research Online Purchase Offline, customers are increasingly better informed when they go shopping in physical stores. They are, sometimes, better informed than the salespeople themselves. What could be more annoying than a salesperson who is less informed than customers? This complicates the relationship between the brand and the customers, who are more annoyed than satisfied. With a tablet in Hand, this can be easily avoided since it will provide instant access to relevant data.

For a more personal approach to customer service

Using tablets allows you to provide a personalized customer service. Customers no longer leave with no answers to their questions or solutions. In addition to strengthening relationships and satisfying customers, tablets and the service they provide help build loyalty through an enchanting experience.

Often associated with the notion of clientelling, tablets enable the implementation of a one-to-one marketing strategy, placing the customer at the heart of the experience. This experience is based on a relationship of proximity and trust.

Cases for shops and retail use : Casecentive Handstrap

The rotating Casecentive Handstrap case: the best of the best to protect your tablet.  The cases with 360° rotation are really the best in terms of flexibility. Not only is your tablet protected, but you can visualise data in any angle you wish. You can also showcase your products and improve your sales process as well as customer service.