Using tablets in hotels & restaurants

The digital experience doesn’t stop at your website and social accounts. The smart use of tablets brings many benefits to your restaurant and hotel, both in your facilities and in your management & marketing.

Reduce your operating costs

Going for a more digital approach and automating your processes saves not only money, but also time and effort. Not to mention, tablets facilitate access to important data that usually go unnoticed which can be extremely helpful! 

No more data silos, using tablets makes you omnipresent

Tired of making not so great decision? Is the data you’re collecting the traditional way not enough or biased? Tablets improve data collection by revealing hidden information that usually goes unnoticed.

Casecentive's solutions

Casecentive’s Handstrap cases are amongst the best accessories to help you use your tablet in a restaurant or hotel setting. Not only do the cases offer 360° rotation but they fit perfectly in your hands with strap on the back. In addition to that, it is possible to use them along with a shoulder strap. This way your tablet becomes your personal assistant.

Improve your customers experience

You give them direct access to the hotel’s services with a way to order using just a few clicks. Facilitating the purchase process allows you to increase customer value by generating more orders. The presentation of the service is very important: description, photo, video, explanations… they must make the customer want to try your services.

Casecentive handstrap industrial quality cases

In the hospitality industry or similar work environments, many processes go digital with tablets. Employees are constantly on the move with their devices so a protective case is crucial. Casecentive is the solution! With the Handstrap cases and industrial level design, your tablet is protected and with you at all times.

Tablet cases for hotels & restaurants

Managing suppliers and stocks, recruiting, monitoring staff, complying with hygiene regulations, accounting: today’s restaurant owners and chefs are under enormous pressure. In order to meet all these daily challenges, they must be businessmen and women as well as restaurateurs. Going for a more modern approach is a must in order to be efficient. Using tablets in restaurants is awesome, but making sure your hardware lasts is important. Casecentive cases are especially designed to protect your tablets in industrial use.

Protect your tablet and modernise your restaurant

Despite the many challenges faced by the restaurant industry, out-of-home consumption is on the rise. When a customer goes to a restaurant, they expect to have a culinary experience… but not only! Consumers are looking for an “out of the ordinary” experience, a special moment. It is therefore important to tell a story, your story, and to present it as well as possible. Using a tablet appears to be an excellent way to extend your personality and create desire in the customer.

Casecentive makes this approach more achievable and long-term by protecting your tablets from different kinds of damage.