Using tablets in construction

Tablets are used more and more on construction sites. They allow the use of a constantly renewed pool of applications and software to plan work, monitor the site, create quotes and reports. The possibilities are endless.

No more inefficiency

Tablets offer access to apps that allow architectural plans and blueprints to be edited digitally. The tablet acts as a communication device and as an instantly-updatable database. Any updates or changes to the plans can be made on the spot, saving time and money.

Cases adapted to construction

The construction industry is a rough world where digital devices, very fragile, are likely not to resist to falls and shocks of all kinds. Casecentive steps in and protects your devices in harsh sites and environments. 

Casecentive's solutions

Keeping track of what’s happening on the entire site is not always easy. A 3-layer protective case that reinforces your tablet so that it resists drops and shocks. A screen protector protects your screen from scratches while allowing you to use the touch screen easily.

Using tablets in construction sites

The tablet is the device of choice for working efficiently on the go. It is the perfect compromise between a smartphone and a computer. It is increasingly found on construction sites, accompanying construction professionals, independent craftsmen, architects and design offices etc.

Why should you use a tablet in construction ?

A tablet makes it possible for you to have all your documents, quotes and photos available, create a quote and send it in a few seconds after a meeting with a customer, consult manufacturers’ prices in real time, limit the amount of paperwork you take on the road, have a signed statement of completion or lifting of reservation, consult plans or architectural software.

A rugged protection for your tablet

It is necessary to get a reliable shockproof case, suitable for a use in a construction site.  Get the Casecentive handstrap hand strap to limit the risk of dropping your device. These cases can rotate 360° and include a built-in screen protector.

Revolutionise your construction site

The days of using paper and pencils in the construction industry are limited due to the versatility and reliability of tablets. No more transferring handwritten data to a computer, it can all be completed on the touchscreen tablet. Communications and access to critical information is more efficient, reducing time spent on the phone making requests. And best of all, the devices are built for the rugged construction environments and certain models will have outdoor viewable displays..