USB 2.0 Hub adaptor

Need extra USB ports for your MacBook or computer? With the Casecentive aluminimum USB port you create four new inputs for all your USB devices.

Charging dock Apple Watch

Easily charge your Apple Watch with this Casecentive charging dock. Your smartwatch can be charged sideways so all functionalities such as your time and alarm clock can always be checked.

MacBook Mini Drive

The Casecentive Minidrive will allow you add up to 250GO to your MacBook’s memory. No more slow computer.

Accessories for ipad, iMac and Apple Watch

Several cases for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Samsung Galaxy from Casecentive are currently available. From USb 2.0 Hub ports to Apple Watch stands and adaptors / cables. View and order all models at one of our Resellers.

With the right accessories, productivity improves.

Casecentive products are ideal for optimising your workplace. We spend so many hours on the computer every day, that’s why it’s important that you have nice accessories for a productivity inducing work environment. For a tidy desk, Casecentive has developed several cable solutions. The USB-C Hubs can be used with the right cable for your Mac and iPad. Apple Watch accessories are also available.