Smart keyboard folio for iPad

Protect your tablet and transform it into a laptop so you can work anywhere from now on. At home, on the road or on vacation, always take it with you and work whenever it suits you.

Wireless keyboard for iPad

With the wireless bluetooth connection, you can connect the Casecentive keyboard to your tablet quickly and easily. With a stable connection, you can work carefree on your tablet.

Magnetic lock and iPad stand

A cover with handy features such as a magnetic strip on the top for your stylus pen. There are also different positions for the cover so you can adjust it the way you want.

iPad Keyboard Case - Smart keyboard folio

iPad are often used for professional work at most companies, Apple outdone themselves with the latest iPad Pro 2020. A keyboard case is on demande for iPads because it turn the already perfect Apple tablet into an even more perfect version. A smart folio keyboard case will allow you to work anywhere, anytime.

Protective iPad case

This iPad protective case from Casecentive has been developed in such a way that in terms of design and functionality it is perfectly suited for use by professionals. The sturdy material are ideal. Professionals can easily use the tablet to work everywhere.

Bluetooth keyboard for iPad

The keyboard keys fit perfectly. wirelessly connect your iPad to the Bluetooth keyboard in the case. Make sure you charge it with the cable included in the package before you use it. Battery lasts for as long as you use it. The keys are also lit with discreet white light to make typing easier.

Best iPad Pro Keyboard

As iPad pro are more and more bought for professional use by designers for example, they can already use their Apple pen to create outstanding graphics and great content. With a bluetooth keyboard, an iPad Pro could be a portable computer for professionals who are required to work anywhere, anytime.